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Hi there!

My name is Kristaleagh (pronounced like Leia) and welcome to my site! I'm a 26-year old stay home mom and full time content creator from Charlottesville, VA. I have been married to my wonderful husband Ryan since 2019 and we are parents to preemie twin boys along with two kitties, Selkie and Ember. I have my Bachelor's of Arts in Creative Writing and English from SNHU, and I love to bake, play around with my camera, rearrange my house and home decor, and spend time with my family. 

I started blogging back in 2020 as a way to pass the time and connect with other millennials during the pandemic. Since then, a lot has happened. My husband transferred from the Reserves over to Active Duty and we got stationed out in Colorado Springs. I had an extremely high risk pregnancy that ended with me being inpatient for the last two months, having my children at 32 weeks, and then spending almost 10 weeks postpartum sitting in a NICU hospital room waiting for the day I could take both of my sons home. Craziest part is, during all of this, I had a bunch of videos on TikTok go viral, one hitting over 2 millions views, and became a Mom influencer overnight. Life is wild, and I would have never imagined being where I am today a year ago.  

Now I'm on a journey to rediscover who I am now that I'm a stay at home mom who for once in her life has no one to answer to other then the two tiny humans she helped create. That being said, I have a lot of topics I'm passionate about and love sharing across my social medias: twin mom life, NICU/preemie life, what its like being an Army wife, recipes, internet child safety and privacy, mental health, and more. There's something here for probably everyone, and I'm so excited you're here and I have a chance to share my life with you, 

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