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Top Five YouTube Fitness Channels You Should Follow

I am currently on a health journey. Last year, I lost 40lbs doing the Keto diet and going to

dance cardio exercise classes everyday at the Jazzericse studio next door to the dance studio I worked at. I was so proud of myself for sticking to a healthy routine and getting pretty close to where I wanted to be for my wedding day.

Unfortunately for me, that victory was pretty short lived thanks to Coronavirus, everything getting shut down, and my mental health going haywire for three months straight, I ended up going from 185lbs at the beginning of March to a 210lbs as of this past Sunday July 5th.

Pretty disheartening because I worked really hard last year, but I'm determined to get back down to where I was and possibly get even healthier. So far, I've been doing some yoga, watching how much sugar I'm eating, tracking my process on my fit-stagram, and trying to be more consistent about exercising.

There are so many exercise programs out there and most of them are pretty expensive. A gym membership can range from $10 to $100 a month, and even just subscribing or buying an at home workout plan can get pretty pricey.

However, YouTube is free. There are so many workout and fitness channels now that offer free workout videos for people of all ages and skill levels. I like doing them because now I don't have to go to a class full of people and be self conscious about how I look or if people are going to judge me if I take a break. I can workout in no shoes, no shirt, and take all the breaks I need without worrying about anything else.

I'm a firm believer that you should enjoy your workouts. For me, that means I need something high energy and fun with occasionally doing something a little easier on my body and has lower energy. The channels I'm about to share with you are all of my go-to's when I'm getting my exercise on. Maybe you'll find something that works for you too!

Yoga with Kassandra

If you've been following the blog for a while, you'll know that I just recently started adding yoga into my everyday workout routine. I like this channel because she has a LOT of videos geared towards beginners, which I feel like is really hard in a yoga instructor to find because everyone wants to do all of the fun and fancy moves that if you don't do yoga, you can't do. I'm currently doing her 30-day morning yoga movement challenge and while some days are harder than others, it's super easy to follow along and enjoy doing.

Fitness Marshall

This is a dance cardio channel that does workouts to popular hit music. I can really get into working out when all of my favorite songs are playing and I can sing along while I workout.

Caleb is also just a giant bundle of energy and talks to you like he's right alongside you while you're doing the video. The videos are fun, easy to do while still making you sweat, and you can pick and choose which songs you dance to in your workout.


Cassey Ho is probably the most energetic, encouraging, and innovative instructor on YouTube. She invented POP Pilates and PIIT, promotes body positivity, has her own workout clothing line, and constantly creates new workout challenges and monthly workout calendar for her followers. I also follow her on instagram and she is so honest and beautiful I love her.

There is something for literally everyone on her channel from yoga to strength to food to body positivity to funny skits. I'm currently doing her Waist Whittler 7-Day Ab Challenge Videos and it is kicking my butt. Some of her videos are easier than others, but no matter what video of hers I do, I always walk away feel sore and accomplished.

PopSugar Fitness

This channel has everything: strength, zumba, dance cardio, HIIT, pilates, beginner workouts, etc. There's something for everyone. The people who lead the videos are super fun and encouraging and they're visually fun to watch while you work out with them. I have such a good time doing these videos. You feel like you're dancing around your house with a group of your friends instead of working out.

There's usually three to four people in a video and one person does the regular workout, another does the modification, and the other does a more advanced version. I also really like the fact that they have a timer in the top of the screen so I don't have to pause the video to figure out how much time I have left. I also really like the fact that they tell you what workout clothes the instructors are wearing

Fitness Blender

These are more "traditional" workouts, like cardio, more body part specific workouts, and workouts that include equipment. I like this channel because the instructors in the videos explain/show you the modifications and they're more chill than some of the previously mentioned channels, which can be nice on days where a "WHOO!" might actually kill me.

Some other cool things on their videos is that they have a calorie counter on the bottom of the screen next to the timer. It's great if you don't have an Apple Watch and like to keep track of how many calories you're burning while you work out.

*Extra* emkfit

I know the title says five, but I found this video of her being a guest on another Youtube channel while I was getting all the links for the post. I love Disney so I'm excited to see and try out the other stuff she has. Fun fact: Emily Thorne actually invented HIIT Hop, which, in short, is basically a hip hop version of doing a HIIT workout.

Let me know if you try out any of these channels and if they end up working out (lol puns) for you. Also, if you're like me and probably could use some extra accountability or encouragement, don't be afraid to reach out! I'm always looking for someone to work out with, even if we just have to do it over Zoom or something.

Take a shot for all of the really hard workouts that kick your butt and toast to getting stronger and healthier.



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