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100 Positive Affirmations to Begin Your Day With

2020 has been kind of a huge let down in terms of having a good year. Besides all of the really big and bad things happening in the outside world, my personal life has definitely had more negative then positive events happen.

I started therapy back in July just to help manage my mental illnesses. I've been trying to learn how to better manage my anxiety, depression, and responses to PTSD triggers. One of the things my therapist is having me do whenever I have a panic attack or get into a deep depression spell is say positive affirmations to myself. I've just recently started telling myself during panic attacks things like "it's okay, you're safe" or "you're with safe people, no one can hurt you."

Honestly, I thought it was a little stupid at first, but it turns out, it actually really helps sometimes. My brain just needs a reminder when it's flight or fight response turns on that things are going to be okay and that I'm okay. I still have panic attacks, but saying these phrases to myself helps me calm down faster.

So I got a little curious and did some research, just because I've heard about affirmations for a while, but always thought it was just bullshit. Turns out, saying positive affirmations daily is really good for your brain because it forces your brain to rewire how you think about yourself and the situation you're in.

I know I'm not the only person who struggles with being really hard and negative on themselves, whether you do it about your body or your past or your relationship or whatever. So I wanted to share some of the affirmations I've gotten from my therapist, from some self help books I've read/healing courses I've taken, some I've heard while doing some of my workout or yoga videos for the day, and some I made up.

I divided them into categories so that they'd be easier to sort through. Basically how it works, is whenever you find yourself having a hard time being nice to yourself or you're struggling with doubt or anxiety or you just want to start your day off on a super positive note, read yourself some of these affirmations and maybe they'll help you feel better and calmer too.

Body Positivity

1) My body is good because it is mine.

2) I am perfect the way I am.

3) I am an attractive person.

4) I don't need to lose weight to have worth. I am worthy the way I am.

5) I am grateful for this body and the support it gives me throughout the day.

6) I am the only person who's opinion matters on my body, and I think it is beautiful.

7) There is no good food or bad food. Food is food and my body needs it.

8) I do not need to earn meals. I earn them simply by being alive.

9) I accept myself the way I am today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

10) I love myself wholeheartedly and without hesitation.


1) I am breaking the generational curse. This ends with me.

2) Going to therapy means I am strong enough to know I need help.

3) My trauma does not define me as a person.

4) I am allowed to put myself first and take care of my needs.

5) It is okay to feel anger towards people who have hurt me.

6) I am allowed to be sad about what I have lost and what is missing from my life.

7) Everyday is a new day to get better.

8) I am in control of my healing.

9) My mental illnesses may affect me, but they cannot break me.

10) I am powerful and brave. Not everyone could survive what I have.


1) Joy is in the little things. Today I find joy in ____

2) I was put on this Earth to live a happy life.

3) My soul is full of joy.

4) I radiate light and happiness.

5) I am allowed to be happy.

6) It's not selfish to want to be happy. It is okay to want joy in my life.

7) I deserve to be happy, no matter what I've been through.

8) I give joy permission to make itself present today.

9) No one can bring me down. I do not allow them that power.

10) Today is going to be the best day I've had so far.


1) I live my life the best I can.

2) I am able to handle whatever today brings.

3) I am strong and capable of success.

4) I am the best person to be me.

5) I am smart, capable, and able to make the best decisions for myself.

6) I am unique. No one else is able to contribute what I bring to the table.

7) I am worthy of every compliment given to me.

8) I do not need to apologize for existing.

9) My voice and perspective are important and needed.

10) I release any negative thoughts that try to tear me down.


1) I am creating the life I want to live.

2) I will get done everything on my list today.

3) This task is no match for me.

4) I am going to accomplish everything I want to in life.

5) Just because something is hard doesn't mean I can't do it.

6) I allow myself rest in order to keep motivation and creativity flowing.

7) All it takes it one step to start and the rest is history.

8) It is okay to make mistakes. They do not define me.

9) I share my gifts and talents with myself, my partner, and the rest of the world.

10) Challenges are opportunities for growth.


1) I have a strong and stable relationship.

2) My partner loves me and wants to be with me.

3) I will do what I can to make sure my partner feels appreciated and loved today.

4) My partner is the perfect match for me and I am the perfect match for them.

5) My partner and I are couple goals.

6) I am madly in love with my partner.

7) My partner is my safe person.

8) I am willing to communicate with my partner in order to promote growth within our relationship.

9) It is okay to be the first person to apologize. I will apologize when I am wrong.

10) I want to be a better person so that I can be a better partner to my partner.

Self Love

1) I am strong. Nothing life has for me can bring me down.

2) I am a survivor. I have conquered everything life has thrown at me.

3) I am a good person. I live each day to be better than I was the day before.

4) I am a gift to this world. I will do everything in my power to make it a better place.

5) I choose to love every part of myself, even the pieces I don't like very much.

6) I am in charge of my own destiny.

7) I am enough. I do not need to be anything or anyone else.

8) My worth is not defined by the number of likes I get on social media. I am worthy regardless.

9) I am taking steps to heal and get better and I am proud of myself for that.

10) I am worthy of love therefore I love myself.


1) I have amazing friends whom I love with my whole heart.

2) My friends love being around me. I don't need to think otherwise.

3) I am not a burden to other people.

4) I surround myself with positive and encouraging people.

5) Toxic friendships have no place in my life. I am allowed to walk away from people who hurt me.

6) I will do my best to build up and encourage people around me.

7) It is okay to mourn lost relationships.

8) I cannot control other people treat me. I can control how I treat them.

9) The people I have in my life right are the people who are supposed to be here.

10) I attract happy, encouraging, and supportive people to be friends with.


1) I am confident in my knowledge and skills regarding this topic.

2) I am successful in my job/ at school and I am lucky to be here.

3) My job/this class excites me.

4) My boss/teacher is lucky to have me as an employee/a student.

5) I bring a fresh perspective to every group I am apart of.

6) I am willing to learn and grow in order to be a better part of this team/class

7) I am grateful to be in the place I am in.

8) Even though this is not where I want to be, I will do my best and give everything I can.

9) I am preparing for my future. I will not slack off and waste time.

10) I allow my ambition to push me to be better.


1) The future is exciting and waiting for me.

2) My past will not define my future.

3) I am choosing to heal so that my future can be the best that it can be.

4) I will be successful in everything I do.

5) I attract wealth and prosperity in every area of my life.

6) I can handle whatever tomorrow brings.

7) My life will be everything I dreamed of and more.

8) The best is yet to come.

9) I am willing to take risks to get to where I'm supposed to be.

10) Nothing can stop me from accomplishing my goals.

Take a shot for all of the negative thoughts we tell ourselves and toast to trying to rewire our brains to be nicer and happier.



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