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Fun Additions For Your Animal Crossing New Horizons Island

I love Animal Crossing; it's been one of my favorite games since the GameCube version came out in 2002. The latest addition to the franchise, Animal Crossing New Horizon, has taken the world by storm over the last two months. If you're anything like me, you've joined a bunch of Facebook groups to make some friends to play with only to discover that everyone is insanely talented and has stunning islands covered from beach to beach with beautiful and fun additions. So I've complied a list of my favorites island additions that I've found and have compiled a list to share with you all!

Farmer's Market

This is actually from my island. If you love brunch and going to the Farmer's market on Saturday mornings, there's no reason your Animal Crossing villagers shouldn't get the same chance! You can make this decorative or give it a functional use by dropping items onto the stalls to trade with your friends!

Zen Garden

I think the Zen garden is probably the most popular addition I've seen in the Animal Crossing groups I'm apart of. That being said, everyone always has their own spin on it. I personally have a tea garden and am trying to figure out where I can add in a waterfall. The bamboo DIYs and Imperial furniture are a great place to start if this is something you want on your island.


This picture was shared by one of the girls in a Facebook group I'm in and isn't this just adorable? I think my favorite part about this idea is that the "cakes" on the stalls are actually hats that someone designed and shared on the internet. Isn't that crazy? People are so talented and creative; I'm jealous.

Tiki Bar

You're already on a private island so why not make it feel more like a tropical vacation getaway by adding your very own tiki bar? I don't have the DIY card for the coconut tree lamps and I'm only slightly salty about it. Honestly though, this really makes me wish I was at a resort with a poolside bar. Ah, wouldn't that be the life right now?


I love coffee shops. They're adorable and typically always have really good muffins. I also really really love the outdoor cafe; it feels very French and sophisticated. Now your villagers can pick up a shot of espresso and a scone before they go fishing.

Night/Dance Club

Celeste is probably my favorite Animal Crossing character, and most of the DIY cards she gives out are bangers. I mean, she literally gives you the moon. Making a dance club with them is ingenious. This is a fun way to light up your island at night and also gives you a really cool place to host cataloging or trade events.


While getting the items for a playground are super easy since they're included in the Nook Miles catalog, I feel like this is a really difficult idea to execute (I mean just look at that hopscotch board. Wow.) so I personally haven't even attempted this idea. It's super cute though and gives your island a whimsical and playful vibe so I wouldn't write this idea off just yet.

Rainbow Garden

There are so many cool flowers you can get in New Horizons and while I personally always feel overwhelmed by the amount I have, I really love this idea of a rainbow garden. This seems like it would help with figuring out where to put all of the flowers I have, especially once I actually get some of the hybrid colors lol

I hope this list gave you a little bit of inspiration. Just remember before you get too hard on yourself (I know I'm guilty of this) for not having a super fancy island, Animal Crossing is supposed to be fun and give you an outlet to express your creativity. There aren't any rules to how your island is supposed to look. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to have the picture perfect island. As long as it's 100% you, it's perfect.

Take a shot to the time spent terraforming and toast to the finished products



*All images have been used with permission from members of the "Ladies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and "Animal Crossing Snacks" Facebook groups

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