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10 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping

Summer has come once again, and all at once, the sun sings a song and sprinkles everything with brightness and heat. Every year it happens, and every year it’s shocking how intense the heat and humidity is. I don’t know why it’s a shock when I’ve lived in Manitoba my whole life, but none the less, it’s a shock.

This year it feels like summer is lasting longer, but I think it’s just because my children have been home for what feels like forever already. I’ve run out of “cool” ideas of things to do!

Well, to be honest, I ran out a long time ago! Haha

We LOVE summer. Visiting the parks, the zoo, the splash pads, but most of all, we LOVE CAMPING! Yes, in a tent! We started going about 4 years ago, and counted down the days until summer so we could go again. We all love it so much. (My husband, myself, and 9, 6 and 3.) Actually 3 has been going since he was 2 months old. Yes, it was A LOT of work with a practically newborn baby, but, it was awesome! And, I guess because of all the outside fresh air, he actually slept when we camped. (So it was almost like a break.)

I know camping isn’t for everyone, and some people are super opposed to sleeping outside in a tent, but today I’m going to share with you ten reasons why you should go this summer. I could probably write about camping forever, so ten seemed like a good number. If you read the entire post, all ten reasons, well, you’re awesome. (You’re awesome anyways though.)

You Will Laugh so Much!

Honestly. Things that would probably frustrate me at home, add trees, sunshine and a good campfire, and they are no longer so frustrating. Things like pitching your tent, learning to cook food, and chopping wood, all may sound intimidating, but they are actually all very fun and entertaining (when you get to watch someone else do it!)

Fresh Air is Awesome.

There are so many amazing benefits to being in nature. Some of which are reduced stress and anxiety and lower blood pressure and heart rate. Camping is such an amazing way to really slow down and unwind.

You Learn Amazing Skills.

Things like chopping wood (which is WAY harder than it looks) and lighting a fire are skills that are so beneficial to life. Being able to think on the spot (like when you forget the egg flipper to flip the eggs) and problem solving are all great skills to have.

You Make Amazing Memories.

Chances are, you will make amazing memories from camping. Stories that will make you laugh for years to come. The time you couldn’t set the tent up, or when you stayed up all night counting the stars with your children, you will make memories that will stay with you and whoever you’re with forever.

It’s Great Family Bonding Time.

Working together to set up, take down, pack, cook, all those camping things is a great way to help siblings work together and help each other. Building those skills and memories together is an excellent way to bond and build the relationship.

You’re Being Physically Active.

Camping is hard work! Everything takes that much more effort than what being at home does, so you’re being more physically active. WOO HOO!

The Food!

Smores, smokies, hotdogs, hamburgers, marshmallows, need I continue?

It Can Reduce Stress.

I sort of already touched on this one above, but I believe in it so much I had to list it again. When I come home from camping I seriously feel like I left a spa. It’s such a great way to take a step away from regular-day life and really have fun and relax.

There's So Much to Learn

Knots, building fires, pitching tents, how to cook on a fire, how to pack efficiently and effectively, new games, hiking tricks, what bugs affect you most, etc, etc. The learning never ever stops when you’re camping.


It really is. If you’re someone who is totally against camping, I think you should just try it once. You may surprise yourself!!

Happy Summer,

Love Always,


Enn is a content creator at She enjoys writing, camping, and drinking coffee, all together all the time. Enn’s passion is to raise awareness surrounding the stigma of mental illness and educating others about bipolar disorder which is what she lives with. Enn writes in a brutally honest way in order to paint the real picture of her daily struggle.

Follow her on social media at:

Instagram - @thoughtswithn

Twitter - @thoughtswithn

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Kristaleagh Walthall
Kristaleagh Walthall
Jul 03, 2020

@Seth Mick I personally haven’t been camping since I was a kid, but Enn makes some good points for going!


Seth Mick
Seth Mick
Jul 03, 2020

Wow, I haven't gone camping in a long time, now that I think about, Still, I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

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