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Boozy Cherry Limeade

Is it just me or has it felt like this summer has been unbearably hot?

Now I've never been a huge summer fan. This is the time of the year that I spend inside watching TV waiting for fall to arrive. I'll take comfy sweaters, tea, and apple cinnamon flavored things over going to the beach and wearing shorts any day. I will take my basic white girl badge for that right now.

That being said, I do love summer drinks. I personally think that there are more flavor profiles and combinations you can play around with and I'm just a huge fan of frozen and iced drinks, which are definitely more popular in the summertime then they are in the fall.

Last year, when I was preparing for my work's spring and summer cocktail list, the lavender lemonade cocktail was not the only one I came up with. I came up with like three other ones, some great, some not so much.

Today we're making my cherry limeade cocktail! I really love this drink and was super bummed it didn't make it onto our seasonal drink menu. The fun part though about making up drinks is that when people come to the bar and say things like, "Oh surprise me" or "I like *sweet/tart/whatever* drinks," you get to make the drinks you came up with for people instead of the same old same old cocktails you normally make.

Don't get me wrong, I love making margaritas and other cocktails, but there's something about getting to make something you came up with for a customer. Unless it's busy and you're in the middle of a rush twelve drinks behind, and then it just sucks haha.

Now with this recipe, you can either do this over ice as a drink for one or as a shooter for two. Up to you, it just depends on the event you're at and the vibe you're going for.


Boozy Cherry Limeade

makes one regular cocktail or two shooters


1.25 oz cherry flavored vodka (I personally use Grey Goose Cherry)

.75 0z Simple Syrup

1 oz lime juice

splash grenadine

Put all of the ingredients inside of a cocktail shaker, shake until there is condensation on the outside of the shaker, pour over fresh ice and enjoy!

If making a shooter, skip the ice and split the drink into two separate glasses.

Take a shot for the cherries I accidentally dropped off my balcony and toast to summer ending soon,



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