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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Spiked Hot Chocolate

It's getting colder and colder outside, and I don't know about you, but I LIVE for a nice cup of hot cocoa during the holiday season. You can do so much with it, like add marshmallows, top with whipped cream, sprinkle on cinnamon, make it peppermint flavored, etc. Plus, you can put it in a fun mug and it makes you feel all warm and cozy inside.

Sometimes you want something nice and cozy, but with an edge. Now there are Irish Coffees and Hot Toddy's, but I personally just want a nice cup of hot chocolate with some booze, so I came up with the recipe!


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Spiked Hot Chocolate

Makes two mugs full


3 Tablespoons cocoa powder

2 Tablespoon powder sugar

2 1/2 cup milk of choice

3 oz RumChata

1 oz Triple Sec

Whipped Cream


Whisk cocoa powder and powder sugar together in a small bowl. Heat the milk on the stove before stirring in the powder mixture and the booze.

Stir consistently until steam starts to rise out of the pan. Pour into a mug, top with whipped cream, and sprinkle some cinnamon on top and enjoy!

Hot Chocolate Memories

Okay, so I feel like I have to explain how the cinnamon on hot chocolate thing came to be because I absolutely cannot take credit for it.

Did any of y'all ever watch Once Upon a Time? It was literally one of my favorite shows to ever have been aired on television.

The main character Emma and her son Henry both like cinnamon sprinkled on top of their hot chocolate. I remember watching the show back when it first came out and it felt like it was literally brought up every other episode in season one. I just had to try it and I've been lowkey obsessed ever since.

This recipe always reminds me of mine and Ryan's first Christmas married. We were both exhausted, having just gotten back from our honeymoon and family Christmas. All we had was a tiny little tree we bought at Target the night before because during all of the wedding craziness we had forgotten to go buy a real one, and we had hung all of the ornaments we had bought on our honeymoon on it. We spent most of the day putting together new nightstands we had gotten -well he put them together, I watched- and playing video games.

I wanted to use all of the mugs and plates we had gotten as wedding presents and on our honeymoon so I insisted on making him coffee and myself hot chocolate, each time in a different mug. Lol, after like two cups each, we both didn't want any more coffee or hot chocolate so we switched to iced tea and water, still switching mugs. We had a lot of cups to clean at the end of the day.

I'm really excited about December; celebrating our first wedding anniversary, spending Christmas with my husband doing our own traditions that we've made, cooking together, opening gifts that we put under our real tree that I probably already spoiled because I'm terrible at waiting for surprises and keeping them, and just enjoying the holiday season together.

This year's been a lot to deal with, but I'm really glad I had my husband by my side so I didn't have to go through it alone. I'm really lucky y'all.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the hot chocolate!

Toast to all of the milk I seem to burn and cheers to finding someone who loves and supports you so well that simple things like hot chocolate reminds you of them,



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